Vol 6 Issue 1   January 2017
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5 tips for achieving your financial Zen


You’ve got a vision for the future. Maybe you want to finally take that luxury vacation you’ve been dreaming of or help put your kids through college—even retire with more money in your pocket.

With a little financial planning, you can make the present less stressful and set yourself up for a comfortable future. Here are 5 tips to focus on:

  1. Create a budget so you know where the money is going. (We have a calculator for that)
  2. Focus on milestones like maximizing your 401(k) and starting an emergency fund.
  3. Protect your family and savings with proper insurance.
  4. Minimize debt and check your credit score regularly,
  5. Make savings a habit through direct-deposits and auto-escalating your retirement contributions.

These goals may seem straightforward, but when you start thinking about what it will take to achieve them, you may feel a bit overwhelmed.

No matter what the task is—spring cleaning, saving for a vacation, or getting out of debt—the hardest part is getting started. So how do you go about it?

Get motivated.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to break up one large goal into smaller steps. So for instance, you could choose a single credit card to begin paying down or start making a list of everything you spend money on.

Stay motivated.

Taking steps like these can take the pressure off and help you see how to reach your goals more clearly. These small “wins” can also give you a boost of confidence to keep up the momentum.

Want more motivation? Talk with a financial professional, who can give you personalized advice to meet your individual goals.

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