Vol 6 Issue 1   January 2017

5 tips for achieving your financial Zen
When you imagine your financial future, what do you see? No more credit card debt? A larger nest egg? Finally having some spending cash? To make that vision a reality, you need a plan.
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How to Manage Debt (and Still Have Fun)
Yes, itís true: spending money is fun. But going into debt to be good to yourself? That takes a little of the shine off the experience. Fortunately, itís possible to enjoy life and manage debt, at the same time!
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This year, give savings (not stuff)
The holidays may be over, but the year ahead can bring just as many gift giving opportunities. If youíre already thinking about birthdays and graduations finding the perfect gift might feel overwhelming.
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Three things to consider for making your retirement income last longer
Retiring on a fixed income is commonóand it doesnít have to be a burden. It just takes some planning, to make the most of the money you earn.
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